Retail Energy Procurement

Retail Energy Procurement

In the changing and complex retail energy market, clients are often faced with unexpected price increases or other uncertainties that impact their business performance. Professional Energy Management (PEM) works with clients to craft customized solutions to their retail energy procurement needs, as well as offering ongoing services to help them plan for and address any future challenges they may encounter. Customer Choice requires complex decision making, and PEM has worked through this with a broad range of retail buyers. 

Energy Procurement

PEM identifies, negotiates, and secures the best energy rates, resulting in significant cost savings for its clients. Using an unbiased, non-affiliated approach, we represent our clients, not the providers. This allows us to be totally objective in the design and execution of customer-specific arrangements.

PEM maintains a solid network of providers and will review your unique energy usage needs to find the best arrangement for your business.  Mindful of providers' strengths and weaknesses, we deliver premium services at minimal cost.  We provide an unbiased look at your energy profile and can facilitate the crucial link between retail providers and users that will bring you the best deal for your business.  Our team is experienced in the procurement of energy services, negotiating highly competitive pricing without compromising quality service.  We leverage representation among multiple providers and seek opportunities to consolidate meters in order to lower overall costs.

Energy Bill Auditing / Data Warehousing

PEM can further reduce the burden of dealing with multiple providers by handling the administrative aspects associated with the underlying service providers.  We will perform monthly audits of your billing to make sure these bills are calculated correctly and in a timely fashion.

We also offer online data warehousing for contracts and monthly bills. We will monitor your facility's power factor, make recommendations, and perform a cost benefit analysis if some correction is needed. 

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